HTML Flyers

HTML Flyers for Blogs, eMail and More!

Our eFlyer builder will generate a snippet of HTML code that will dynamically pull your listing details and your contact information. This HTML snippet enables you to easily cut and paste your data into online classified sites such as the very popular Craigslist, Backpage or Ebay.


We Maximize Your Clicks!

There are literally hundreds of ads every day posted to online classified sites. You need to get your message across quickly and effectively. The ads we create for you fit the bill perfectly because we use HTML to format them. Your property will stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Tracking Your Results

Another tool related to our HTML flyer campaigns is the ability to track your results. With our ad campaign stats you can see exactly how many views your classified ad received, and how many people clicked thru to your website. This service only works on classified sites that allow image tags.

Regularly posting your HTML flyer to relevant classifieds that include a link to your listing has the potential of driving significant amounts of highly targeted traffic to your website. Get in the habit of using our handy HTML snippet for each listing and you will see a real difference in the amount of traffic your site receives.