Property Feedback

Property Feedback

Feedback is essential. It not only shows you what you’re doing right, but gives you a valuable tool to help negotiate needed changes with your client – the seller.

Ideally, you should ask other agents and open house visitors several questions about the house following their visit: their overall impression of the house; what they liked most and what they liked least least about the house; how they feel about the price – is the home well priced, under priced or overpriced; and what would it take for them to make an offer today.

We are very aware of the importance of getting property feedback, but we also know that you don’t always get the opportunity to ask these important questions, especially face to face.

That’s why we have included with our service a built-in property feedback system. This handy tool enables you to send a feedback request form to agents who have shown your listing to their clients, and to prospects who have visited your open house, soliciting their feedback about the property.

Here a just a few things you can do with our feedback tool:

  • Write your own questions
  • Send multiple feedback requests at the same time
  • View responses from your CRM
  • One click resend request option
  • Store Agent’s contact information in CRM for future properties